Greatness doesn’t come from thin air! Meet the team behind your projects.
Danielle Feroleto


Danielle Feroleto

Dreams of changing the way that commercial real estate, architect, engineering and construction companies deliver brand promises.

Kimberly Werner

Director of Marketing

Kimberly Werner

Leads clients into positive results with strategic and visually appealing social media, proposals and websites.

Jana Berrelleza

Art Director

Jana Berrelleza

Develops thoughtful brands by crafting tailored stories and messaging.

Visual Media Manager

Brennan Gerle

Produces branded visual projects tailored to meet client needs.

Catrina Moat

Senior Graphic Designer

Catrina Moat

Transforms static information into memorable and inspirational designs.

Design & Marketing Coordinator

Margaret Kinsey

Creates, edits and designs compelling content for proposals, awards submittals and marketing collateral.


Visual Media Specialist

Kaden Buchanan

Uncovers each client’s vision to produce visual stories through animation, video and graphics.

Visual Media Coordinator

Blake Hemmel

Tells stories visually through photography, videography and drone.

Marketing Manager

Jennifer White

Employs strategic leadership and vision to oversee marketing projects.

Mandy Brown

Marketing & Recruiting Coordinator

Mandy Brown

Fills client employment needs with perfect culture fits to strengthen capabilities and efficiencies.

Liz Gibbons

Marketing Associate

Liz Gibbons

Communicates consistent brand messaging across all platforms for marketing and PR efforts.

Digital Marketing Assistant

Kelsey Hussey

Develops visually-appealing digital content to increase brand reach and engagement.

Office Manager

Mya Hetrick

Keeps the team and daily operations functioning smoothly.

Jennifer Glitsos

Project Manager

Jennifer Glitsos

Ensures that quality work is delivered on time and with-in budget.

Assistant Project Manager

Amanda Aiello

Communicate the proper deliverables to be fulfilled for each project and client.

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