Meet Husef, a distinguished web UI/UX designer, at Small Giants, where he manages every facet of the web development journey. where he oversees the entire web development process. From initial planning and analysis to design, development, and delivery, Husef is the creative force behind crafting exceptional digital experiences. With an impressive career spanning 11 years, he infuses each project with a unique artistic flair, tailoring website designs to individual clients for an extraordinary user journey.

Husef’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in computer animation from the Art Institute of Phoenix, complemented by a certificate in teacher education for the arts from Ottawa University of Phoenix. Born in Puerto Rico, he cultivated his artistic talents through self-guided exploration. Husef’s passion lies in freehand drawing and bringing those intricate illustrations to life with vibrant digital paintings, masterfully created using tools like Photoshop. Each artwork enriches his grasp of artistic fundamentals, enhancing his skills as a true virtuoso.

Skilled not only in intricate digital painting but also in graphic design and web development, Husef truly personifies versatility. However, beyond his professional pursuits, he holds a deep appreciation for cherished moments with his beloved family and delights in outdoor BBQ gatherings.

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