As a web UI/UX designer, Husef oversees website planning, analysis, design, development and delivery for Small Giants. Husef assists the marketing team with his extensive experience, creating fully responsive websites from concept to implementation. With 11 years of professional experience in web design, Husef brings his unique artistic skills to the process, ensuring that he produces a unique website design experience for each individual client. He guides each client through a digital journey that will provide an essential, engaging and effective experience.

Husef earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Animation from the Art Institute of Phoenix and completed his certificate teacher education program for the arts at Ottawa University of Phoenix.

A native of Puerto Rico, Husef is a self-taught artist and loves spending his time free-hand drawing illustrations and painting them in Photoshop. Each piece allotted him a better understanding of the fundamentals necessary to elevate his skills as an artist. With a wide range of skills, he is most proficient at detailed digital painting, graphic design, and web design. When not at work or honing his artistic skills, Husef loves spending time with his family and outdoor BBQs.

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