Danielle Feroleto, CPSM, founded Small Giants in 2006. The firm’s foundation of exclusively serving the CRE and AEC industries was borne out of Danielle’s background in commercial construction in several capacities, including editor for two construction publications, and marketing and business development for a large general contractor for nearly a decade. The result has been passion, application and understanding the industry to serve more than 300 clients in achieving their goals and visions to compete at the highest level. In 2015, Danielle was named one of the “Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate.”

Positioned in the heart of strategy, Danielle contributes her time to clients with the facilitation of strategic plans, executing client and trade partner perception studies, and leading project pursuits through competitive coaching, strategy and executing innovative persuasive approaches.

With her never-ending passion for strategy, execution and mentoring, Danielle pioneered the first marketing and business development course at the Del E. Webb School of Construction at ASU in 2014, where she has served as an associate faculty member, educating hundreds of future construction professionals. In addition, her book “The Truth Helps: An Honest, Straightforward Guide to Project Interview Success,” has served as a guiding light for teams to win projects.

Danielle has received several formal acknowledgments for her leadership, influence, work in the community and thought-leadership. While her enthusiasm for CRE remains constant, her interests are ever-changing and have led her to learn more about competitive running, swimming, and even archery.

Danielle earned a Masters in Mass Communication from ASU, and she currently resides in Phoenix with her husband and daughter.