As part of their monthly Mind Share activity, the design team attended the class, Getting Started with ProCreate, at the Apple Store in Scottsdale. Beginning with a photograph, Apple associates demonstrated how to follow the contours of a portrait with Apple Pencil. The Small Giants’ designers practiced using different digital drawing tools to create a sketch, apply chalk, paint, and pattern to create depth and interest in their artwork. They  refined their work further by adjusting opacity and layers and customizing a color palette for a portrait sketch to take home. Kirsten Anderson, senior graphic designer said, “Our design outings, known as Mind Share, help create community among our designers and give us new ways to do more inventive types of work.” The Small Giants’ design team is looking forward to attending Phoenix Design Week during the month of October.


About ProCreate:

ProCreate is a raster graphics editor app for digital sketching and painting. The app allows an artist to work digitally while recreating the familiar experience of pens, pencils, and paint on paper.

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