Small Giants cultivates strong industry relationships, which have allowed our firm to successfully place 90 individuals with growing, successful commercial real estate companies. Our firm acts as a resource to talented candidates seeking employment by connecting them with exclusive job opportunities that would not otherwise be found on online job forums.

As an industry expert and strategic partner, Small Giants helps clients find employees that can align with their goals, get jobs done correctly, and who are awesome to work with! When researching potential employees, we look for individuals that have goals for career advancement, who love a challenge and who perfectly fit the culture. Here’s how you can position yourself as an ideal candidate from the start:

Be up-to-date: You are not ready to connect with a recruiter if you have an outdated resume or portfolio. Recruiters need to know your experience and what you are capable of.

Be responsive: If you have contacted a recruiter and they in turn reach out, make sure that you are prepared to answer their call or email. Opportunities pass by quickly, and your responsiveness is the first indication of how you will perform as an employee.

Be specific: Let recruiters know exactly what interests you and what work you see yourself doing. Recruiters are matchmakers, and the more information they have to work with, the better suit they will find for you.

Be thankful: After you interview, be sure to let the company know how much you would like to work with them. A simple hand-written note can often make the difference in whether you’re hired or not.

If you are currently seeking marketing, design or business development employment in the CRE and A/E/C industries, please contact Mandy Brown. There is no cost associated for candidates.

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