Learning and Development 
Learning and Development (L&D) is a highly effective process that plays a crucial role in enhancing employees’ skills, knowledge, and capabilities, which in turn leads to improved performance in the workplace. L&D programs offer companies a platform to introduce and cultivate a wide range of technical and soft skills. These skills can be acquired through workshops, seminars, conferences, and onboarding training. By implementing L&D initiatives, organizations foster a positive work environment that demonstrates a commitment to employee growth and development.  


Why Learning and Development is Vital to Your Company 
Learning and development (L&D) stands as a critical component for every successful business, aimed at addressing knowledge gaps and increasing employee skills. By prioritizing L&D initiatives, your AEC/CRE company can witness an increase in profitability and productivity. L&D in the construction industry offers personalized curriculums and tailor-made learning plans designed to prioritize safety training, with a network of support. Investing in L&D services yields a higher return on staffing expenditure, while increasing employee engagement and bolstering retention rates. Furthermore, when individuals contemplate applying for a job, they often seek an environment that provides opportunities for learning and personal growth. Implementing effective L&D programs enhances job satisfaction by creating a sense of appreciation and fulfillment through challenging training opportunities.Through targeted training and upskilling, employees become better equipped to handle their roles, leading to heightened overall performance. Emphasizing L&D not only supports individual growth but also creates a culture of continuous improvement where employees are more engaged and motivated. 


Small Giants’ Learning and Development Services 
As niche experts of the construction and commercial real estate industry, Small Giants’ Learning and Development program is designed with a primary focus on employee and leadership development. This program equips employees with professional skills, including technical proficiency with new software, as well as soft skills such as effective verbal and written communication, public speaking, and problem-solving capabilities. Small Giants offers a range of services to support companies in their learning and development initiatives. This includes conducting seminars and training sessions aimed at creating or revamping comprehensive learning programs led by the company’s certified learning and development manager.  

Additionally, our Learning Lab can be configured to maximize learning and collaboration, serving as a venue for both internal and external sessions focused on industry-specific topics. The Learning Lab pairs high-quality audio performance with IQ cameras to allow virtual participants. Furthermore, Small Giants facilitates interactive focus groups that utilize live polling to gather valuable market research insights. To promote ongoing learning, we also host engaging lunch and learn sessions for clients’ employees and leadership boards. 

For more information on how your company can benefit from these Learning & Development trainings, get in touch with Angi Coleman!