Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing and maintaining a positive public image for a company, individual, or organization. PR involves building relationships with media outlets and other key stakeholders by using various communication channels to shape public perception and brand narrative. This blog outlines how public relations is used in the commercial real estate and construction industry and how it helps company’s reach their goals and carry out initiatives.  

One of the key distinctions in PR is between earned and paid media. Earned media refers to publicity that is gained through organic coverage by media outlets or social media influencers, based on the newsworthiness or relevance of the client’s message. Paid media, on the other hand, refers to paid advertising or sponsored content that is designed to reach a specific audience. Both earned and paid media can be beneficial to a client, depending on their goals and target audience. Earned media can provide a valuable third-party endorsement that can build trust and credibility with the public, while paid media can provide more control over the message and targeting. A well-executed PR strategy that leverages both types can help clients build brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and ultimately drive business growth. Below we have outlined strategic PR activities that can help you determine what services are best suited for your needs.  


Press Releases & Distribution  

Press releases are a valuable tool for businesses and organizations to communicate important news and updates to the public and media outlets. In addition, they can generate publicity, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to a company’s website by providing exposure to a diverse range of audiences. Our public relations department will work alongside your team to craft a release with the information most valuable to your target audience and then distribute it to a curated list of journalists and media outlets.  

At Small Giants, we utilize top of the line software and analytics tools to measure the success of the press release. After distribution, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes data of the media outlets that ran the story and the number of impressions and engagements received. Small Giants’ strong relationships with industry publications and niche expertise in the CRE/AEC industry can help maximize your chances of getting your news in front of the right people. 


Award Submittals  

Submitting your company, projects or team members for prestigious awards can help your brand gain industry recognition, which can provide valuable publicity to build credibility within your space. In addition, culture-specific awards can provide company owners and executives with insight on their employee culture and vitals, which can be used to bolster recruiting efforts.  

We offer a range of services that can include everything from recommending and selecting relevant awards to apply for, conducting research, writing compelling entries, editing, and proofreading, and providing submission guidance. The key to a winning award submittal is to tell the unique story behind a project, company, or individuals’ success. The Small Giants team will meet with our clients’ relevant personnel from superintendents to project managers and executives to dive deeper than the basic stats and facts. 



Copywriting includes anything from website copy to services descriptions to email campaigns and advertising materials. Small Giants PR team use their creative and technical writing skills to craft persuasive and engaging content that appeals to your target audience and encourages them to take action, such as contracting you for their next project. Copywriting services can be particularly valuable for businesses that want to create a strong brand identity and increase their online presence. Work with an experienced professional to develop a brand voice and tone that resonates with your target audience, as well as craft consistent and compelling content that reinforces that identity across all channels. Effective copywriting can help businesses improve their conversion rates, increase their customer base, and ultimately drive revenue growth. 


Media Relations and Event Planning  

Whether you’re celebrating a groundbreaking, ribbon cutting, or anything in between, you will need effective event planning, coordination, and media relations for the occasion. Our services include a range of tasks, from creating the event agenda, to managing vendor contracts, coordinating with speakers and media outlets, and ensuring the smooth execution of the event itself. Our PR team also works alongside our in-house design team to create any collateral needed for the event, including wayfinding signage and invitations. Effective event planning requires careful attention to detail, strong project management skills, and a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of your clients.  



Typical eblast services involve the creation and distribution of email marketing campaigns to a targeted list of subscribers, which may be your current or prospective clients and employees. As niche industry experts, we have a deep understanding of what content is most valuable to CRE/ACE professionals. Our team will curate content that includes industry insights, project and service updates, company wins and award recognition and upcoming events to ensure that your employees are well-informed and that you remain top of mind for your clients. Our comprehensive eblast distribution software tracks open rates, click-through rates, and other key metrics, allowing our team to analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns and refine the strategy as needed. 


Subject Matter Expert Content  

Understandably, tight deadlines, demanding schedules, and extensive backlog are the nature of the construction and commercial real estate industry. Ghostwriting services can be particularly useful for individuals or organizations that want to publish written material such as, articles, speeches, or blog post but do not have the time, desire or writing skills to produce it themselves. The Small Giants team will work closely with your vision for the story and then conduct the necessary research, produce a high-quality piece of content, and share it with your target audience. Ghostwriting content can help position you and your company as subject matter experts in the industry.  

We have been serving the CRE/AEC industry since 2006, and many our team members have an extensive background in the industry that predates their time at Small Giants. As a result, we provide niche industry knowledge and expertise to our clients that is unmatched in the world of marketing and public relations in Arizona. Our partnership increases company brand worth, letting our clients to what they do best: envision, engineer and build. The stunning, purposeful, and influential projects we all know and love throughout the southwest were built by companies and people who deserve an everlasting legacy in the industry and community.  

Small Giants has a variety of public relations services that can help increase brand awareness and establish your company as a leader in the construction, commercial real estate, architecture, or engineering industry. If your company is prepared to reach the height of your commercial real estate success, we are right there with you. 

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