One of the best ways to build upon a positive name and brand is to share exclusive stories about your company that convey expertise, culture, wins and innovation. When you feel like you have “the scoop,” it’s important that you take time to perfectly craft your message to avoid sloppy distribution. If you’re struggling with in-house PR, these tips will help you better connect with local media.


  1. Tell the news, and only the news, if it is news: If journalists or the public will not learn anything from your news or be better off knowing it, then it is probably not news. Better position yourself by finding a “most, first, biggest, best, heartfelt” angle – something new and interesting! Then, make sure that your messaging stays on focus. A pitch or release should not be riddled with more than one main point.


  1. Know what media contacts report on: Every publication has a staff of individuals that report on specific topics called their “beat.” Create a list of relevant publications to share your news with and then visit their staff lists to determine which reporter covers your topic. Nothing will make a journalist ignore you more than if you send them content that they simply don’t care about. Once you know who to target, read their articles to get a better sense of their interests. Always spell their names correctly in your pitch!


  1. Write an irresistible headline: The person you’re trying to reach probably receives more than 100 emails every day, so this is a must. Pay very close attention to the publications headlines and emulate them to create a subject or headline for your news that aligns well with the content they publish. Customize every headline according to the publication’s unique style and needs.
  2. Send photos: Stories are more likely to get picked up if accompanied by one or two intriguing and high-resolution photos. If you can, provide outlets with a photo file that is at least 1MB (which is best for print) and at 300 dpi. Always provide a detailed caption.


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