Small Giants recently launched a refreshed website. During the process, we decided as a group that commonly used stock images and photos that did not align with our new brand would not be considered.

The Small Giants visual team led efforts in developing a personalized catalog of stock photography – a batch of images that reflect our culture, unique values and services clearly. From creating a shot list, determining props, gathering models and ensuring a variety of angles, our visual team conducted a seamless photoshoot that resulted in true-to-brand images.

These stock photos enhance our digital presence by allowing prospective and existing clients to put faces to our team, and to fully understand what we do. Versatile angles of a single shot have provided us with the flexibility of using different versions of similar content on our website, social media, brochures and proposals.

If your company is lacking stock photography or if the existing content needs to be refreshed, our visual team offers a variety of services including creating visual brand standards, determining what to shoot and discussing where the photos can be best utilized. Email to schedule a meeting with the visual team.

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