As leaders and advocates of the AEC and CRE industry, Small Giants is very proud to launch a website to unify our peers, where users can connect, stay informed, and receive resources to vital pieces of industry news and updates during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Small Giants Team collaborated across all departments to create a platform where the industry can stay connected as we navigate this time together. is a site that shares information regarding rescheduled events, supports lead trade associations and local firms, and offers unique webinars to keep one another informed and up to date.

“The number one tool for leaders right now in our companies, associations, and community is communication,” shared Danielle Feroleto, Small Giants’ Owner and President. “We have launched this website for people to stay informed and encouraged.”

Join in by interacting, posting videos, and staying tuned for regular updates. There is no better time to stay connected and engaged with valued friends, clients, and the industry.

To read more about AECRE Connect visit:

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