One of the best ways to build a positive name and brand is to share exclusive stories about your company that convey expertise, culture, wins and innovation. When you feel like you have “the scoop,” it’s important that you take time to perfectly craft your message to avoid sloppy distribution. If you’re struggling with getting your stories published, these tips will help you better connect with local media.

How to Pitch

1. Know the target audience: Research what writers and publications target your industry, then note the types of news/stories that each cover. Similar to identifying prospective clients, some publications will fit better than others. Knowing how your target audience aligns with a publication’s target audience will improve the effectiveness of pitches and desired coverage.

2. Make it relevant: Why does your pitch matter? Why should a reader care or be interested? It’s important to know and express why your pitch should be of interest to a particular readership.

3. Be straightforward: Time is of the essence when writers review pitches as they may receive hundreds of pitches per day. Make their job easier by not overshadowing the news/angle with overly wordy narratives. Avoiding embellishment and fluff will ensure the true value of the pitch is not lost in the mix of obscure references and buzzwords.

4. Get to the point: Less is more when done effectively. Pitches should be direct and quickly highlight the information of value to readers. If a pitch is too long (300 words or more) and overly complex, chances are that writers will not pursue it.

For more ideas on how to reach local media, contact our PR team ( for assistance writing press releases and pitching to the media.

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