A cover letter is often the first thing a potential employer looks at – so it needs to make a lasting impression. Cover letters allow you the opportunity to provide a more in-depth explanation of your relevant skills and experience that not only apply to the position, but appeal to the company. Our Recruiting Coordinator, Mandy Brown, has outlined three essentials for crafting a one-page cover letter:

  1. The Opening: Use the introduction to say which position you are applying for, at which company, and how you heard about the position.
  2. The Middle: This is the “meat” of the letter and your shot to stand out from other candidates. “Use positive, action-oriented language and be confident. Sell yourself,” says Mandy. Do not repeat exactly what you wrote in your resume, instead highlight the unique skills and specific experiences that make you a perfect fit for the job and the company.
  3. The Closing: Here, you can directly ask the employer to go through your resume for further detail on your qualifications, ask for an in-person interview and end the letter with a request for a definite action.

If you are currently seeking marketing, design or business development employment in the CRE and A/E/C industries, please contact info@smallgiantsonline.com. There is no cost associated for candidates.

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