Willmeng Construction

Executive Summary

Willmeng Construction, Inc. is one of the fastest growing general contractors in Arizona. In selecting Small Giants as its strategic marketing partner, the company has increased customer awareness and employee loyalty, formed a recognizable brand, earned more construction opportunities, and has been recognized in the media.



Public Relations

Web Development

Willmeng Web
Willmeng Branding


James Murphy joined Willmeng under the leadership of Jack Willmeng, the company’s founder, in 2001, and quickly proved that partnership was viable. Jack passed away in 2005, and at just 30-years-old, James was faced with the challenge of continuing the business as president on the heels of the recession. He knew that taking risks would be necessary to grow the firm beyond its size and services, and began working with Small Giants to form and implement a strategic marketing plan that would align with and help achieve the company’s long-term growth goals.


  • Implementing a well-rounded, print and digital advertising campaign
  • Creating a blog-style website and PR plan featuring Willmeng in the industry and the community
  • Managing a four-platform social media strategy
  • Storyboarding photo, video and aerial footage highlighting Willmeng’s projects and corporate culture
  • Imagining branded collateral for industry, community and company events
  • Consulting teams in pursuit strategy and interview training
Willmeng Magazine


As a company that highly values client and public perception, Willmeng has developed a reputation of consistently producing quality projects. When collaborating with the company, Small Giants replicates that concept in every service to clearly illustrate what the company does and their beliefs.