One of the best ways to build a positive name and brand is to share exclusive stories about your company that convey expertise, culture, wins and innovation. When you feel like you have “the scoop,” it’s important that you take time to perfectly craft your message to avoid sloppy distribution. If you’re struggling with getting your stories published, these tips will help you better connect with local media.



  1. Don’t be vague or generic: Sending the same cookie-cutter pitch to hundreds of writers may result in the pitch being quickly skimmed over or deleted. If you’re too vague or generic, the pitch will not catch the writer’s attention enough to pursue the pitch over the others that they receive every day.
  2. Don’t be boring: An effective pitch requires color and specific details to be noticed by a writer as being of value to their readership.
  3. Don’t forget context: Writer can receive hundreds of pitches each day so keep pitches short, sweet and to the point to be impactful and effective. Explain why the pitch is important today and why it will be relevant in the future (6-12 months and beyond).
  4. Don’t overuse buzzwords: Creative, excellent, expert, specialized and strategic are a few of last year’s most overused buzzwords, according to LinkedIn. Overusing these terms and others can make a pitch appear to be unauthentic, generic and boring.


For more ideas on how to reach local media, contact our PR team ( for assistance writing press releases and pitching to the media.

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