As a well-rounded marketing agency, Small Giants understands that it’s not enough to simply market a company through press releases and websites. We believe a successful marketing campaign is achieved through creating a comprehensive brand that allows the company to interact with the public. We achieve this through social media management and engagement.

Social media management can be intimidating. With so many scheduling tools and editing applications available, it’s no wonder that some people give up on social media altogether. But social media is a great way to share your brand with others and quickly gain traction. Small Giants lists the top five tools to help create an effective social media footprint.

1. Hootsuite (planning): This website is perfect for scheduling social media posts across all platforms. Choose the social network you wish to post on, type your desired message in the box and then click the calendar icon. You can then choose the date and time that you want the post to go live.

2. Adobe Spark (designing): Social media posts revolve around content, but it’s also nice to have an appealing graphic to look at. Adobe Spark allows you to create graphics that look modern and professional. All you have to do is pick a template, upload pictures, and add some text.

3. Preview App (editing): This website allows you to quickly edit photos and add texts to images that you wish to upload with a post. You can also make edits on PDFs and add a signature to graphics.

4. Google Alerts (monitoring): An effective social media presence means that you are not simply promoting your own brand, but you are also engaging with other companies in your industry and sharing relative news updates. Google Alerts allows you to set up you would like to receive notifications about and type in your email address to get daily updates.

5. Simply Measured (measuring): It’s not enough to simply create an active social media presence – you also have to make sure that your posts are reaching the right audiences. Simply measured allows you to examine not only your own analytics, but also your competitors.

If your company is lacking a social media presence, or if you wish to gain a stronger understanding of how to properly advocate for your brand on social platforms, our digital marketing team offers a variety of services including social media management. Email to schedule a meeting with our digital marketing team.

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