Branding is not simply your tagline or logo, but lives out in every aspect of your company from colors to core values. If you want your brand to make a real, lasting connection with clients and prospects, tell stories instead of pushing generic content. This approach to content creation gives your brand heart and allows you to build and maintain meaningful relationships with your audience internally and externally. Below are places where your brand message should live:


Website: Your website is considered the “go-to” for discovering your firm’s brand. It is the perfect platform for your audience to learn what your firm values as well as see proof of your brand promise.


Collateral: Your company’s collateral should provide a strong summary of your firm’s experience and capabilities, while giving the recipient relatable content that encourages them to take the next step in engaging your firm’s services.


Client Testimonials: Nothing reinforces your brand message more than direct proof from a client.


Project Summaries: Push your thinking on the project descriptions to not only include your past success, but also your brand story elements and differentiators.


Case Studies: Not only do past successes generate interest, they also provide tremendous credibility.


Social Media: More than just your firm’s happenings, to really align with your brand story, you need consistent brand messaging that connect with your brand promise and personality.


Employee Spotlights: There is an undeniable authenticity to hearing from the “front line.” Employee spotlights share a unique perspective that should reinforce elements of your brand story, promise and persona.


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