Icons have been around since Egyptians used hieroglyphs – they’re prevalence is not astounding because, as many visual learners and studies will tell you, images and illustrations are often the best ways to communicate simple or complex information. When used to replace and enhance messaging, we have found icons to be much more compelling in CRE and A/E/C industries if executed as “icon families.”

An icon family is a collection of icons that have been designed with the same style to form a cohesive set. Building upon a library of branded icons to suit specific needs will improve project efficiency, help explain subjects quickly, and increase brand consistency.

Icon families are designed with company values, reputation and aesthetic brand elements in mind. Small Giants designers take ques from brand colors, textures, fonts and sizing to imagine icons that align well with a brand’s look and tone.

As an example, here is how Small Giants used an icon family to clearly convey the values that we refer to daily:


Icons should appear that they naturally belong with company branding and collateral, and should balance well with the other graphic elements associated with the brand. To learn more about how your company can integrate icons and icon families, contact the Small Giants creative team!

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