Recent requests for logo redesigns are really driving home that branding and marketing materials in the commercial real estate industry are helping firms stay competitive. To remain relevant in the construction, architecture and engineering landscape, firms are opting to modernize and evolve rather than fall behind.

Refreshing a logo doesn’t mean losing sight of the company’s roots and current status. It means the exact opposite. Elements of a refreshed logo such as style, font and color should reflect a refined version of the company’s past, and tell the story of where it’s heading.

Logos see a company through the best of times and worst of times, and often have a personal tie. We understand that it’s difficult to make changes to such a critical element of any company, and so we don’t take logo redesigns lightly.

To begin the logo refresh process, our team meets with a client in-person and utilize various tools and techniques such as word association, mood boards and thought-provoking surveys for inspiration. These tactics help our team understand the company’s story, discover what gets them pumped, learn what grinds their gears, take in how they feel about their current logo and visualize where they see things heading.

Our designers take that information to heart when brainstorming concepts before starting the design process, which is where the real magic happens. Using thoughtful consideration, our team’s education, expertise and experience is put to work in harnessing information from the client to deliver a visual representation that brings the essence of the business to life.

After the creative team does an internal brainstorm session, each designer develops concepts to bring to the table for an in-house critique. After reviewing and refining internally, the creative team presents the top 2-3 concepts to the client.

The value of a logo is not based on the time it takes to develop and design, but rather, the application and use of the logo for years to come. If your firm is considering a logo redesign, email to schedule a meeting with our design team.

See our before and after below:

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