At Small Giants, our creative team often receives requests from clients for lengthy project brochures for large properties or offering memorandums. Rather than producing a typical pdf, interactive brochures give users the opportunity to easily access key material by clicking through pages that link to other useful information. This might also include page turn buttons, pop-up buttons or simple animations.

According to the 7th edition of Writing and Reporting News by Carole Rich, 56% of study participants read less than the first 3 paragraphs of written content. In another group 72% read less than a quarter of written content. If a user has trouble finding the information that they need quickly, the will move on. In competitive industry space, content needs to be as appealing and easy to access as possible, as well as allow readers engaging navigation opportunities. Interactivity improves the overall user experience.

When designing interactive brochures, our creative team consider which devices will be used to display the content, which aspects should be customized, and they also complete back-end work to ensure efficiency and functionality.

Much of our interactive brochure work contains confidential information. If you are interested in learning how your firm can make the most of interactive brochures, email to schedule a meeting with our design team, which will you take you through the interactive brochure experience.

AvAir Interactive Brochure

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