Your CRE Design Digital File Guide

You may be familiar with .JPG and .PDF, but do you understand what designers are talking about when they start referring to other digital file formats such as .EPS or .SVG? A file can be identified by its extension, such as [filename].PDF. Our Small Giants Creative Team wants to ensure you are comfortable talking with them about the files for your designs. Below they have assembled a reference guide for different file formats.


When thinking about designing for anything digital, including screens, websites and Powerpoints, you may need a .JPG /.JPEG, .PNG or .SVG file.


.JPG /.JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group: The major benefit of this file type is its small file size because small file size equals fast loading, making it is a good choice for web photos. However, if you need to upload a logo or artwork online, you should go with a .PNG or .SVG since .JPG do not support transparency.


.PNG – Portable Network Graphic: The major benefit of this file type is its transparency, but it still is a relatively small file. Use a PNG file if you do not want that “white box” around your logo that you get with a JPG file.


.SVG – Scalable Vector Graphic: As the page dimensions change, these files can scale their size without losing quality making them great for use on responsive websites. They also support transparency.


If your firm needs assistance in creating design files, email to schedule a meeting with our design team. For more tips, reference our Print File Guide here.