Learn to leverage Twitter

In November, Twitter increased their 140-character limit to 280 characters, meaning that users have double the opportunity to speak their minds and target their messaging. Some CRE & A/E/C companies find the platform to be intimidating, but once they learn the power of Twitter and its ease of use, their paradigm shifts. For those companies breaking into the Twittersphere, here are some easy ways to spread news and information on the platform:


Share (retweet): Retweeting shows that you recognize the value of another user’s content, and that it aligns with your brand as well. Ask yourself if the content would be appropriate to retweet to your company account, or if it would be more suitable for your personal account.


Tag: Encourage clients, partners and employees to retweet and tag your company in posts about you or in posts that affect you. This will help other users find your account, which will grow your audience.


Include a relevant hashtag: If you’re posting about a program or event that your company is hosting, create a custom hashtag and spread the word about it so people know to use it! When you’re at any event, find their custom hashtag so you can join the conversation.


Facilitate conversation: Your audience is more likely to engage if you give them a reason to. Ask more questions, run a poll or even create a contest. Also participate in live chats to showcase your expertise and reach a wider audience.


Call to action: Ask your audience to follow up and participate. You may ask them to follow a link, read an article, send feedback, attend an event or simply retweet. Show them how they can be involved.


Avoid text only: Share links, photos and videos! Guide your audience content by linking to your website, Facebook page or blog. Include an eye-catching image or graphic so your audience scrolls more slowly by the content or return to read it.


You totally get it now, but still need a helping hand? Contact charlie@smallgiantonline.com to learn how our team can get you started on Twitter.