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Branding Case Study: Beeble Co.

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lisa-malo-headshotBy Art Director, Lisa Malo

Denver-based Beeble Company (Beeble Co.) is a new construction and real estate consulting and advisory firm, founded by John Beeble, industry veteran and long-time friend of Small Giants. With a combined 70 years of experience in commercial construction, John and his partner, Brad O’Neill, are truly experts in their field. Developing messaging and strategy that would help build their new company’s image and reputation was uncharted territory. Fortunately, they sought help.

At Small Giants, our philosophy is to integrate ourselves as team members of the clients we work with, and we especially love the opportunity to continuously collaborate with a client, allowing our team to understand their vision and desire for growth on a molecular level. We started working with Beeble Co. on their branding, messaging and website when the company launched in Feb. 2017. As plans and content were being developed for the site, John reached out to me and asked, “What do you think about our logo?” (Pictured below.) It was all uphill from there.

Beeble Company's original logo

The Vision

A professional logo is more than just a great first impression – it demonstrates expertise, creates recognition, holds meaning and value to a company, and is the foundation of every aspect of work conducted. The correspondence that followed John’s question led us to these recommendations for a full logo refresh:

  • A recognizable brand that tells Beeble Co.’s story as a trusted industry expert offering advisory, succession planning and investment services that help construction projects come to life.
  • A clean, simple and modern logo that evokes feelings of confidence, wisdom and trust.
  • Options for both a typographic only logo (at the clients’ request) and options which included an icon or graphic element.
  • Color options that were bolder and resonated more with the type of work that Beeble does.

The Top 3 Concepts:

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 12.58.35 PM Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 12.59.02 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.01.28 PM




In design, its valuable to explore several options across the spectrum because sometimes clients do not know what they will like until they see it. You want to strike the right balance between options you know the client will like, and concepts that are a little outside of the box to gauge the client’s interest in a heading in direction they might not have expected. We presented Beeble Co. with 8-10 concepts which we narrowed down to their top three choices. From there we made another round of revisions and options before coming to these top-three selections.

  • Option one was my personal favorite, with the overlapping colors symbolizing connection and working together with a transfer of knowledge and experience. It was modern and the bc icon was very strong on it’s own.
  • Option two is a typographic logo with a stylized “B” icon, with overlapping arches to represent a strong bridge, as Beeble is often the bridge that brings their clients closer to their goals.
  • Option three incorporates buildings that represent the three pillars of Beeble Co. services – advisory, succession planning and investment.

The Selection

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 12.59.02 PM

The bridge symbolism resonated with the Beeble Co. team, and with the font being similar to the original logo, they liked it because it was not a complete departure from where they started. It was more a refresh and modern update than a rebrand.

A Closer Look


  • To achieve brand recognition, the selected font is close to Beeble’s original font, but in a modern typeface with comfortable spacing.
  • The font-weight of “Beeble” is bold, but not overpowering, and complements the size of the icon without competing.
  • “Beeble” was not written in all caps as it felt too harsh, but the word “company” was written in all caps because the font is thin and needs a presence.


  • Blue represents strength, dependability and trustworthiness, and supports the feelings that were meant to be portrayed from the initial vision.
  • The two tones work nicely together as gradients, intentionally create balance and movement, and complement the grey that was selected.

Working with Beeble Co. was a pleasure. It is a plus when clients come to me with some idea of what they are or are not looking for. However, I’ve learned to ask the the right questions early on to guide my creativity in a direction that aligns with client goals throughout the process. I appreciated the high-level of collaboration that was experienced in working with Beeble Co., and enjoyed discussing concepts, strategy and purpose with them.

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